So what are we doing here?

Hello everyone!

I’ll have to keep this one a bit short since I’m short on time today, but I wanted to throw down a quick overview of what it is I’m doing here and what the point of this blog is.

Throughout the years of working on various projects and being a part of different groups, I’ve never really had a platform that was solely my own where I could just discuss whatever I happening to be following at the moment. Sure I had the errant Facebook post or something similar, but nothing really specific that I could spend a little time on and develop further for an audience that wanted a more in-depth experience. I’ve done plenty of deep dives as a member of a team being involved in the different organizations I’ve been a part of, sure. But this is more just for me, what I happen to be interested in or working on at the moment, and if someone else wants to follow along then that’s fantastic.

With that being said, I’m getting to work on some material for the first “real” post on here, so stay tuned!


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